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Thank you kindly to our sponsors for supporting our school program.  We are proud that we have had the lowest student tuition of any Polish school on Long Island for many decades.  We have been able to achieve this feat thanks to the active and generous community that supports our school every year.  Like those who started our program nearly 100 years ago in the town of Glen Cove, we see the value of supporting not only the education of bilingual  that date back to 1930 when our school was founded by volunteers who had the foresight

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Anna i Zdzisław Backiel              RS Photography               Barbara i Janusz Grabarz



Agata i Grzegorz Strzelichowski  

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Polska Szkoła Dokształcająca

im. Ignacego Paderewskiego

319 Cedar Swamp Rd.

Glen Head, NY 11545


Dyrektor Szkoły:  Joanna Keczmer


Tel:  516-413-4970 


Parafia Sw. Jacka